Appointments & Policies


The easiest way to book is by using our online booking system on this website:

If you have any problems with it you can call us on 07929 726402 during our opening hours.
You will often get the voicemail when we are in treatment with other clients so please do leave your name and number and we will get back to you shortly.  Please be advised if you call after 4pm on Saturday, your message will likely not be answered until after 9am on Tuesday (we close Sunday/Monday)

We no longer take bookings via Facebook or email as we found by the time the client would get back to us, the appointment could be no longer available.  It’s much easier for everyone if you book online or phone.



Deposits are required on all bookings.

If you book online, a minimal £1-£1.50 charge will be taken from your card.

If you book by phone or in salon a £10 deposit is required for appointments under £45 and a £20 deposit for appointments over £45.  A £30 deposit required for 2 hour+ appointments.

These deposits are non-transferable or refundable unless you give us at least 24 hours notice of cancellation/reschedule.

Deposits for Courses:  We require a deposit to secure your place on a course.
These deposits are non-refundable and can only be transferred to a later date course if 7 days notice is given.


Cancellation Policy:

If you cannot attend your appointment, you must give 24 hours notice of cancellation or re-schedule by telephone or by going to your profile on the online booking system.  We cannot accept cancellations by email or Facebook.

If less than 24 hours notice is given, or you do not show up for an appointment, then we reserve the right to charge all or part of the treatment to your card.

Our rule is 25% of treatment is charged if less than 24 hours notice given / 50% if less than 6 hours notice given / 100% if you fail to show up for an appointment without notice.



Please ONLY park in the front driveway of Devata or in one of the 3 spaces directly BEHIND the premises – please do not park in NFU/Praxis spaces – the only exception to this is evenings after 5pm or Saturdays when the other businesses are closed.



When you arrive for your appointment please use the intercom located at the front entrance, when answered give your name, when buzzed in push the door on your LEFT (the one without the handle!)

Our reception is located on the right take a seat and relax.  If a therapist is not with you right away, it is likely they are finishing another treatment and will be with your shortly.  You can leave your coat and umbrellas at the front door on the coat-hooks provided.



New Clients:

If this is your first appointment at Devata please arrive 10mins before your appointment time and fill out one of the Consultation Cards which can be found on a table in reception.  Remember to inform us of any recent injuries, operations, hospitalizations and it is important to advise of us of any allergies, particularly to nuts or shellfish. It is vital you inform us if you may be pregnant.  All consultations are totally confidential.




All vouchers are valid for 6 months and must be used by the expiry date.  It is always advisable to use vouchers well before their expiration date in case something crops up!

If you do not show up for an appointment or cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment your voucher will become void – you will not be able to use it again.



We ask where possible that you shower and/or wash your feet before an appointment.  If you are coming straight from work, wipes are available for feet.


Appointment Times:

Please arrive on time for your appointment (or 10 mins earlier if you need to fill out a consultation card).  We advise you that if you are late for an appointment, then you will receive a shortened treatment but still be charged full treatment price.



Please be quiet in our hallways and treatment rooms out of courtesy to other clients.

All phones must be switched off when you arrive at reception.

Devata thank you for your co-operation.