If you are over 35 you have probably had this fear at some point.

Maybe you have already seen a fertility doctor who has tested and told you that ovarian reserve is low (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) or that your FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is too high.  Doctors, particularly those practising IVF only see statistics when looking at these results.  They want to know how easy (or not) it will be to stimulate your follicles and get numerous eggs collected for IVF.

Ok so statistics for IVF success is pretty poor for women over 35 with low ovarian reserve.

But that doesn’t mean it still can’t happen naturally.

What doctors can’t measure is the quality of the eggs.  And that, my friend, is something that you do have control over.

You may not be able to make more eggs, but you can surely improve the ones that are left (no matter how few!)

Time after time I have consoled women when they have been told by a doctor that AMH is low and their only option is donor egg or adoption.  It irks me so much because once women are told this diagnosis and the belief embeds in their energy, its fairly unlikely they will get pregnant.

But this is not because they have low reserve, this is because of the belief that it is impossible.

The mind-body connection is a very powerful thing.  Believe it or not, your mind can influence your body.

If you have been told you have low egg reserve, I highly recommend tapping out the belief through EFT, and I teach you just how to do this in my Holistic Fertility Program.

I had 3 clients in the past year, who were told that IVF will probably not work with their own eggs.

However 2 of them got pregnant naturally.  One sadly ended in miscarriage…now maybe I’m reading this wrong, but this would suggest to me, that it is the quality of the eggs that is the issue here, not the lack of eggs.  If they were able to get pregnant in the first place, surely that means that even out of their so called tiny amount of eggs, that one was able to be fertilised and implant?

Pretty sad that these women would be told there is no hope of natural pregnancy.

The moral of this story, is one I bang on about all the time to my clients – Quality is more important than Quantity.

You CAN improve the quality of  your eggs through good nutrition and lifestyle!