Beauty & Spa

As Holistic Therapists our primary concern for your body is that all the products we use are certified organic without mineral oils, parabens or other nasty ingredients.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it absorbs chemicals straight into your blood stream, even moreso than it would if you ate them!

That’s why at Devata we have chosen only certified organic products.



This essential oil based range of organic products includes skincare, bodycare, mum & baby, aromatherapy, candles, diffusers and much more!

We offer two NYR Organic Facials at Devata.

And the full range of NYR Organic products are available to order either in Devata, or through our NYR Organic Online Store.

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You can also host your own NYR Organic Party at home with a group of friends – and you will avail of free and half price shopping plus host gifts!

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