Body Massage



Body Massage involves touch movement applied to the body, including pressure, vibrations, and flowing, rhythmic, soothing effleurage. The movements that are applied to the skin and underlying tissues, can release muscular tension, encourage healing, help to alleviate stress, relieve pain, induce relaxation and enhance well-being.

The GTi Body Massage Award is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists, the UK’s leading professional beauty trade body.

The course consists of Anatomy & Physiology and Body Massage theory modules which are completed online prior to attending the practical course.  The online work is clearly set out with detailed video tutorials.  Completing studying online first enables us to teach the practical course in such a short period of time.  The Body Massage classroom training takes place over 4 days focusing on different massage techniques, and allowing the student time to practice on friends on family between classes before being assessed on the final training day.

This is an accredited flexible, fast track course and gives you knowledge to include the following:

* Anatomy and Physiology
* Consultation
* Contra-indications
* Contra-actions
* Preparation
* Massage Technique
* Massage Adaptations
* Aftercare

Duration:  Home study in your own time + 4 days practical training (see below)
Qualification: GTi Practitioner Certificate
Pre-requisites: none (You DO NOT need a separate A&P qualification as it will all be covered in this course)

Next Practical course:  27 + 28 July / 18 + 19 August

Places available: 1

Investment: £395 (you will also need to join the Guild for student insurance which is £25)

BOOK NOW – £95 deposit.


What happens next?

Upon receipt of your deposit I will register you with The Guild and they will send you an email to activate your online theory work.  If it is your first time taking a course with them you will have to complete the Professional standards course first before you have access to the main course.  This is £12 payable to the Guild

Complete the theory and send me the code you get on the last module (it is ok if you haven’t completed the theory before the date of the practical course)

To make you aware, The Guild now charge £18 to post your certificate, or you can chose to print it at no cost.