Essential Chakra Healing

I am super excited to introduce this brand new course I have created that combines my 3 big passions:




In this program you are going to learn how to integrate these three healing modalities together to make one extraordinary energy healing experience for your clients.

How are these three healing modalities linked?  They are all great modalities to work with for healing the emotions.  The emotional body really is the root of any imbalances with have in our physical body or indeed in our life.

Old traumas, past hurts, even generational family stories are all held in the cells of our bodies, you may have heard the expression “our issues are in our tissues”.  Working with essential oils is the first step to emotional healing.

We all hold Unresolved Feelings of pain and hurt which may need to be brought to the surface for transformation and healing.

There are Five Stages of Healing with Essential Oils as stated in (Emotions and Essential Oils by Enlighten Alternative Healing, LLC).

The Five Stages include:

  1. Essential Oils Support the Physical Body.
  2. Essential Oils Support Healing the Heart.
  3. Essential Oils assist in releasing limiting beliefs.
  4. Essential Oils increase spiritual awareness and connection.
  5. Essential Oils inspire the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.

Essential Oils are powerful in aiding with physical health.  They are 40-60 times more powerful than herbs.  They assist our bodies in fighting unfriendly microorganisms, purifying organs, glands and body systems, balancing body functions and raising the body’s vibration.

The aromatic properties of the oils can assist in the body releasing embedded emotions and can also aid the nervous system to decrease stress and the endocrine system to balance hormones.

When the properties of the oils are released into the limbic system profound change can occur.  We will also be learning how to work with the oils in the human energy field and by applying them to pressure points on the feet.

The 7 main energy centres, the chakras each relate to something different physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually within us.  In this program you will learn how to detect the subtle energy body and provide the tools for your clients to use to self heal.  Everyone has the ability to self heal.

Healer’s do not “do healing”, but rather we hold the space for the healing to occur.

In Reflexology we understand that each part of the foot is a mirror of the physical body, however in this program you will learn how each part relates to each chakra.  You do not need to be a reflexologist to take this course as you will only be learning the chakras on the feet, not the human anatomy.

The feet are the safest and best place to apply essential oils for healing the mind, body and emotions.  You will learn how to clear the energy of the body through the feet and how to detect imbalances within the chakras and apply energy healing to balance them again.

In this program you will learn:

Essential Oils:

  • What Essentials oils are and how they extracted
  • The importance of using high grade therapeutic oils
  • How Essential oils are used, and how they work
  • Essential oil safety and precautions
  • How to use the oils topically, aromatically and in the energy field
  • How you can manage your moods with essential oils
  • The metaphysical properties of essentials oils
  • The best essential oils to use for emotional healing
  • Choosing the right oil for your client’s needs
    (*note this course qualifies you to work with pre-blended oils, but not make your own blends for clients)

Chakra Healing:

  • The 7 main chakras and their functions emotionally, mentally, physically
  • What it means when a chakra runs overactive or underactive
  • Which emotional states relate to each chakra
  • Which glands and hormones relate to each chakra
  • How to detect energetic imbalance in the chakras
  • How to perform a vibrational healing session using energy healing, crystal healing and essential oils


  • The 7 main chakras on the feet
  • How emotions and energy imbalances leave their mark on the feet
  • Applying essential oils to the feet according the chakra imbalances
  • Applying essential oils to the feet to promote hormone balance, relieve stress and aid digestion


Anyone can take this course for their own healing and transformation.

If you are a therapist and want to treat clients in this modality, we are applying for accreditation by IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists)

It is also accredited by The Guild, you must be a Reflexologist to get insurance through them


The investment for this course is £210.

This course is exclusive to my doTerra essential oils team.  

When you take this course, you agree to sign up for a wholesale customer account and start up kit valued at £160.

There are no minimum monthly orders or requirements, you can cancel at anytime but will not be accredited to use this healing modality professionally without using doTerra oils.  This is because I believe wholeheartedly in the high grade quality of these oils, and will not allow this treatment to be performed using cheap, synthetic oils which provide no therapeutic benefit.

Deposit of £50 due now to secure your place.

Remaining balance of £160 to be paid direct to doTerra for your Emotional Aromatherapy kit – details of how to do this will be emailed when I receive your deposit.

Look at it either way – you are either getting a FREE essential kit worth £160 or you are getting a FREE accredited training course!


Next Course:  Friday 17th August 2018 (9am-4pm)

Places Available: 8