Holistic Fertility Program

Holistic Fertility 12 week Program

This program is currently closed.
A new program will start in April 2019
Holistic Fertility Therapy
This program will help you to create a more positive mindset, clear emotional blocks and help you relax through your fertility journey.  It will also help you make better food and lifestyle choices, bring hormones into balance, increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, naturally stimulate ovulation, break up adhesions and scar tissue, and improve egg quality.
What you can expect from this program
  • Mind-body fertility coaching including visualisations and exercises to keep you positive and uplifted
  • Emotional energy clearing – very important particularly when there is no medical reason for infertility
  • Nutritional, Supplement & Lifestyle Advice
  • Learn how to understand your cycle and ovulation
  • Help with all kinds of periods problems, endometriosis, PCOS etc
  • Reflexology for each week of your menstrual cycle to regulate periods and balance hormones
  • Massage techniques which increase blood flow throughout the pelvis and reproductive organs, break up scar tissue and adhesions AND encourage ovulation and implantation.

This program will give you a greater understanding of how your body works, you will see the benefits of this work on your menstrual cycle, you will achieve better health and wellbeing, and through all this we hope you will greatly improve your chances of conceiving naturally, or preparing for assisted conception if necessary.

While the basis of this program is aimed at Natural Conception, it can also be used as a preparation for undergoing Assisted Conception such as IVF, ICSI, IUI. It is recommended you complete this program before starting treatment, but if you are already in treatment or starting soon, then do get in touch and we can see you for individual appointments (if available)

A recent study University of Surrey showed that couples with a previous history of infertility who made changes in their lifestyle and nutrition had an 80% success rate.  

Reproductive Reflexology statistics for 2014 show a 68% success rate.  

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