I am hosting a brand new NATURAL FERTILITY WORKSHOP here at Devata on Thursday 16th August at 6pm-9pm

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This workshop is for ALL women of any age who are interested in finding out more about taking a natural approach to their reproductive wellbeing.

Whether you are currently trying to conceive, or you would like to know how to keep hormones balanced and preserve your egg health for having babies when you are older, this workshop will be beneficial.

During this 3 hour workshop, I will delve deeply into how to understand your cycle and your hormonal health as well as sharing some important info on how your mind and emotions affect your ability to conceive – I usually reserve this information for only those women taking my 3 month Fertility Program but I believe it’s so important for every woman to know that I am sharing it with you all for the first time at this workshop!

We will cover:

  • How to accurately track your menstrual cycle, pinpoint your fertile time and what “red flags” to look out for.
  • How your gut health is linked to your hormonal health and a simple way you can prep your body for conception.
  • How the products in your home are affecting your reproductive health and how to make simple changes.
  • I share with you knowledge and help you to understand how powerful the mind/body connection is, teach you tools for self help which I believe can increase your chances of conception considerably.
  • I share with you my unique way to tap into your subconscious beliefs which may be delaying you from getting pregnant – and what I believe helped me to conceive naturally at 40 and 41!

Fertility does not drastically decline with age like some medical professionals would have you believe.  In fact there’s only a 5% difference in the success rate between 27 and 37 year olds!  I want to help you shift your mindset and trust that your biological clock has no real relevance! 

This workshop is for:

  • Women of all ages, particularly those concerned about their “biological clock”
  • Women trying to conceive, either naturally or with assisted conception
  • Women having hormonal or reproductive issues, period problems, pcos, endometriosis etc
  • Women who want some reassurance, hope and positivity
  • Women who are open minded and want to learn more about how we are holistic beings (mind, body, soul)

Want to join me?

This information is usually reserved for my Fertility Program clients making a considerable investment but you can have it all for only £30!

Places must be paid for advance to reserve your place:  BOOK NOW