Pregnancy Massage Course

Pregnancy Massage Training at Devata, Portadown

Pregnancy is a natural experience that involves much change throughout the woman’s body. With growth and development of the foetus, women are left dealing with the many physical (and emotional) body changes that arise. The intent of pregnancy massage therapy is to aid the woman in coping with these adjustments as they occur.

Potential benefits of pregnancy massage include:

  • Relief from muscle cramps/spasms & myofascial pain
  • Relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, & sore feet
  • Reduced stress on weight-bearing joints
  • Increased flexibility of muscles
  • Reduced fatigue by eliminating waste products through the lymphatic & circulatory systems
  • Relief of tension in the chest allowing the lungs to expand more fully
  • Relaxation with reduced stress, anxiety & depression
  • Improved sleep; deeper sleep for longer periods
  • Stimulation of the release of oxytocin, producing sleepiness, relaxation, & a mild euphoric state

In this course you will learn:

  • Common problems which can arise during the different trimesters of pregnancy
  • How to prepare your treatment couch and position your client for a pregnancy massage
  • What constitutes a high risk pregnancy and when you should avoid massage
  • What is medical induction of labour and how massage may help to encourage labour naturally
  • Breathing techniques to help your client throughout labour
  • Positions for massaging on a birthing ball
  • A full body side-lying pregnancy massage routine
  • Adaption for a post-natal massage depending on vaginal or c-section birth
  • Post Natal healing

Pre-Requisites:  You must be a qualified massage therapist or massage student to take this course.

Investment:  £175

Next Course:  Sunday 29th September 2019

Pay Deposit For Pregnancy Massage: £50

Book on both the Pregnancy Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage course and save £50!  £300 for both courses.