Pregnancy Reflexology

For qualified Reflexologists, this course will give you the credentials and experience to work with women throughout their pregnancy helping alleviate the common problems associated with pregnancy and support them to feel more calm, relaxed and prepared for birth.


Research has shown that regular reflexology sessions throughout pregnancy may help to shorten labours as well as relaxing and balancing the body (and baby!) before giving birth. It can be very successful in the treatment of a wide variety of pregnancy discomforts and conditions including backache, pelvic pain, leg cramps, nausea, constipation and more.

In this pregnancy specific reflexology course you will learn:

  • An overview of the Reproductive System
  • Benefits of Reflexology in Pregnancy
  • Contraindications of Reflexology in Pregnancy
  • The different pregnancy trimesters and the recommended treatment for each one
  • Information on medical induction of labour and how Reflexology can support a more natural start
  • Preparing the treatment bed for proper positioning and comfort for the client
  • Reading Pregnant Feet
  • How to perform an Endocrine Balance treatment.
  • How to perform a Lymphatic Drainage treatment
  • How to perform a 38+ week treatment to naturally encourage labour
  • A-Z of common pregnancy conditions and reflexology protocols for each

Next Course:  Friday 14th Sept 2018

(you must be a qualified Reflexologist or Reflexology student to take this course)

Investment:  £195

Places Available: 8 7

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